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Professor Anita Eves
Professor Anita Eves
University of Surrey
United Kingdom

Professor Anita Eves has taught and researched at the University of Surrey for 25 years, and has published extensively. Her research interests lie in consumer behaviour, both in relation to food choice (where the focus has often been around healthy choices) and also the behaviours of those handling food (in both domestic and foodservice settings). She is a founding member of the University’s Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Group (a multidisciplinary group comprising representatives from the health and social sciences). Her work in the area of food safety has included investigations of food safety training (and its effectiveness) amongst food handlers in the food service sector, food hygiene training more generally in the food sector, teaching of food safety practices in schools and systematic reviews of the literature to establish incidence and causes of food poisoning (related to food poisoning arising in the home and Listeria monocytogenes in foodservice settings). Much of her work has been funded by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), and as such has contributed to policy and the FSA research.

Research Interest

University’s Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research

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