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Dr. Ólafur Oddgeirsson
Dr. Ólafur Oddgeirsson
Food Control Consultants

Dr. Ólafur Oddgeirsson is the Managing Director of Food Control Consultants Ltd (FCC), a consulting company based in Edinburgh, which provides support to government, international organisations and industry on food safety and animal health. He has graduated from the Veterinary University in Hannover, Germany in 1977 and finished post graduate training in 1980 from the same university on food safety topics. He has worked as a Director of a dairy laboratory for ten years; then being a senior veterinary officer at the EFTA Surveillance Authority for seven years responsible for checking the implementation and application of the EU veterinary legislation in present and former EFTA States. Since 1999 he has worked as an international consultant, i.e. extensively for the TAIEX office of DG Enlargement in Brussels (now DG NEAR) providing assessments of veterinary systems in Candidate Countries, both official supervision and industry controls and later on numerous international food safety development projects. Dr. Oddgeirsson has carried out numerous assessments of food establishments, especially on processed fish, meat and milk and frequently delivered lectures on public health, animal health and zoonotic diseases. During his work he has gained an international recognition for his knowledge of EU legislation and SPS standards on animal health and food safety.

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