Food Toxicology

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Food toxicology is a branch of science which includes the nature, causes, effects and detection of toxic substances in the food Some of the major effects includes food allergy, food intolerance, food-borne diseases and infections. It can be caused by foreign food-borne pathogens,toxic chemicals or pesticides present in our food, chemical reactions due to the presence of some particular ingredient or improper handling during the production process. It is difficult to differentiate between food allergy and intolerance. Therefore, it is essential to practice good manufacturing practices (GMP) and cautious handling, labeling and preserving of each and every ingredient while preparing and producing of the food products. Consumers should be well aware of all the ingredients, their proportions, and the nutritious value of the product before consumption of the same. Food allergy is the major cause for the elevation in food safety throughout the world.

  • Food Allergens
  • Food Intolerance
  • Toxicology Assessments
  • Food Toxins

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